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RJD Partners is an independent private equity investor focused on lower mid-market companies predominantly in the services and leisure sectors in the UK. RJD provides equity funding solutions for buyouts, buy-ins and businesses requiring development capital, investing between £5 million and £25 million of equity in transactions valued at up to £75 million. We aim to be flexible in the funding solutions we offer and highly selective in the businesses we back. Our reputation for delivery, decisiveness and consistency is core to our business.

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  • The deal was the deal, there was never any attempt to do something underhand, they were always open and honest, and there was never any chipping.

    Graham Hodgson

    Verdant Leisure

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  • They're open, honest and supportive - they are a good crowd of people. Rapid decision making is helpful too.

    Mike Morrison

    ISG Technology

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  • RJD respected our position as managers of our enterprise. They took time to understand how we were dealing with challenges and opportunities, and supported us solidly.

    Mark Weavis

    Teaching Personnel

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  • RJD make the promises they feel that they can deliver.

    Paul Woodley

    Chairman, ISG Technology and Comtec

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  • There's no undermining or back-door chat - everything is open, and there's a lot of trust at RJD.

    Richard Grainger

    Chairman, Ipes

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  • RJD are responsive and accessible and I always have access to the decision makers.

    Mark Weavis

    Chairman, Stone Group and Chemigraphic

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  • RJD was flexible in structuring a deal that could accommodate the needs of all parties - as a vendor that was important to me.

    Paul Bentham

    Vendor of Cardsave

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