What we look for

Helping entrepreneurial managers achieve their goals

At RJD, we choose to work with companies we know we can help - established businesses in the sectors we understand with experienced management and clear strategies.

We generally invest between £5 million and £25 million in transactions worth between £10 million and £50 million.

We usually seek majority positions, but we can be flexible. We have partnered with entrepreneurs and held a minority stake and have provided development capital to the right opportunities.

Ultimately, relationships are the critical factor and we seek exceptional managers who we can back.



For many years we have specialised in making investments in the services and leisure sectors. Our in-depth sector knowledge and track record allows us to add value and take a robust but pragmatic approach.

Our investment strategy is driven by our belief in certain long term trends and the impact these have on businesses and investment.

Examples include:

  • Long term demographic changes, including an ageing population
  • An ongoing need to update and improve skills and the UK workforce
  • Long term reductions in the price of tangible goods, leading to an increased share of spending in services and leisure
  • Scarcity of resources and increasing environmental concerns driving individual and business behaviour
  • Increasing concerns around business risk leading to increased spending on regulatory compliance and security

We have enjoyed working in partnership with RJD over the past five years to transition the business from family ownership into the leading independent holiday park group in Scotland and Northern England.

Graham Hodgson, Verdant Leisure

We are delighted to have worked with Graham, Bev, and Andrew and the rest of the team at Verdant. With RJD’s support the team has developed a market-leading brand in the holiday park sector, and we wish them well as they continue to develop the business under new ownership. This transaction delivers a successful exit for RJD and our funds.

Richard Caston, RJD Partners